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What makes Composit-Tech Unique in its Field

FREY System

First Agricultural Optimisation software suitable to any scale and easily adaptable on different goals and objectives.

Land Suitability

Matching of the physical conditions of the land with the possible plants to have optimum yields with minimum risk

Income maximization

Definition of the most profitable agricultural activity based on the physical constraints of the land


On demand agricultural and economic consultancy services by the best agricultural experts


Main Areas of Expertise

Everything you need to have optimum results

Agriculture has facing major problems globally. With the increase of population farmers are struggling to provide the growing demand of food. Arable land is also decreasing every year, and the limited knowledge or technology is preventing farmers, companies and countries from getting optimum results. Composit-tech enables farmers to make better use of their lands and livestock, using innovative and affordable technologies to analyse their parameters and get optimum results.

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Economics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization

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